If a piano has been badly neglected, much more effort must be exerted in correcting pitch and remedying mechanical problems. Regular tuning and periodic maintenance are of critical importance in retaining the value, playability and enjoyment of your piano.

Trevor Prisk, of TLC Pianos, is an expert master tuner with decades of experience. He is able to tune a piano aided by computer acoustic analysis, or by ear.

Mr Prisk explains that the advantage of a piano tuned by ear is that it takes into account the way a human ear actually hears things. A computer “hears” things with what he calls “scientific precision”. Whereas, the human ear will tend to distort both the higher and lower end notes. A master¬† piano tuner can take this into account and will be tune a piano to perfection as heard by the human ear. The result is a more pleasing and harmonic sound.

Is there really a difference? “Yes, most definitely”, says Mr Prisk, “just like a real sunset is more beautiful to watch in real life than see one on a computer screen-saver.” Point well taken!

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